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Keb' Mo' – Whole 'Nutha Thang (Album Version)

Keb' Mo'
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исполнитель Keb' Mo'

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Epic/One Haven/Red Ink

жанр Блюз

длительность 00:30

размер 8.97 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Whole 'Nutha Thang (Album Version)
I don’t care much about cocaine And you never see me jumpin out no airplane Wine and whisky don’t gimme no thrill And I don’t care nothin 'bout them nasty little pills But women now that’s a whole nother thing You won’t see me wastin all the money I made And you ain’t gonna never see me drive no escalade If you’re looking for a handout you wastin' your time I wouldn’t give a crutch to a cripple, I wouldn’t give a bum a dime But women that’s a whole nother thing Now when you talk about your women that’s a whole nother thing I like 'em big tall short fat thin and in between I like 'em when they’re gentle and I like 'em when they’re mean I like 'em when they whisper but I love 'em when they scream (Don't be tellin me what to do with my money I know a good investment when I see one Look over there walkin' by look at that …) I don’t buy stock, I don’t place no bets And I won’t be smokin' none of them stanky cigarettes Only one think make me throw my money away And that’s a little TLC and a little T&A But women that’s a whole nother thing I’m gonna say it again — women that’s a whole nother thing Play the blues somebody… (come here baby let me buy you a house)
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