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R. Kelly – Ringtone

R. Kelly
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исполнитель R. Kelly

правообладатель Jive

жанр R’n’B

длительность 00:30

размер 8.43 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Polow Da Don It’s Kells! Haters start your engines! 4'5'', looking fly F-f-flossing in that white L. I Shawty checking for a player Like she wanna hop in with a player Girlfriend on some hatin' shit She like: «Shit, that’s Kells, bitch!» And then I stop like red light Scooped em up like hitch-hike Then I let them come with me Step up in club with one on each sleeve Doug E. Fresh kid bout to spend that cheese And after that you know they gonna leave with me We out of here, get them to the crib Straight to the mansion, show em how I live And you can tell that the sex is major Cause only one day later They got Kells on they ringtone I hear Kells on they ringtone They got Kells on they ringtone Hold up your phone if you got me on your ringtone! Hold up your phone if you got me on your ringtone! Let me take you shopping, babe Meet me right by Macy’s, babe Leave your purse, I’m crazy babe Walk in and go crazy, babe I’m telling you money ain’t a thing to me Kells «spin» it on you like wheels on Jeeps Even after the mall to the Ritz we creep Sex: put it on you like shoes on feets Money stacked, club hoppin' Leaning back, b-b-beat droppin' All night, non-stoppin' Club closed we p-p-parking-lottin' Y’all going to the spot from here? (Yes sir!) Is there an after party after this? (Yes sir!) Are y’all taking them honies with? (Yes sir!) Are y’all on for some more freaky shit? (Yes sir!) You play me in your car and you play me in your home Now it’s time to download Kells on your ringtone From ghetto girls, college girls, all the way to strippers To fine dro smokers and all the Henny sippers Big chip spenders, big money tippers At the bar taking shots with my niggas No fake niggas, no hating niggas But shots of Patron for all my real niggas G-g-girls in the hotel getting it on And they ain’t leaving til six in the mornin' Even superstar chicks too drunk to drive home Wake up next day and, uh
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