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John Forte – Hot (Intro) (Album Version)

John Forte
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исполнитель John Forte

правообладатель Ruffhouse/Columbia

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 5.57 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Hot (Intro) (Album Version)
I got vendetta son, If I must say, you need to recognize John Forte'… (Nutzbaby!) I want two minutes, uninterrupted just to let you know how things go (Nutzbaby!) The full on introduction, listen hard I’ll put you on to somethin' (Nutzbaby!) To Let all the gentlemen and ladies finally meet the Nutzbaby! (Nutzbaby!) I heard the buzz lord, it trapped me With all these niggas records sounding happy That’s nonsense, so even when I smile I’m kicking street shit you bounce with You want what?! Affiliated, with some world-reknowneders Fifteen records gold-plated But it’s the Nutzbaby, know your territory 'fore you play it Is you crazy nigga? Every ghetto block, tastes this gravy Shady niggas taste to say we unofficial Grissle, slide dog I’m certified! You rappers irk me to my heart With a spike in every tree, odyssey Sounding like you, gott-a Be who you be, Centers, don’t shoot a three I hit it hard love, my pain is sincere I want revenge, wanna get me, Hot this year It’s to stop your career So brothers sit straight, bragging on the air like you’re dead weight You mid-weight, I’m closer to the street than a mix tape, baby Who you think you dealin' with?! I’m known to dip, on and off many tracks as I write my own shit So who fraud? Speak on it god Get the point, while your shines getting snatched in the club I’m gettin' love, In the strip joint, tight! V.I.P., all downtown, New York baby Three scoops and have 'em giggling, «Oops, Nutzbaby!» This a grown man affair, I know thugs who strip 'em bare And do drugs like breathing air, but I rarely go there I’m here to think quick, and drink slow For brothers that I link with, got liquid Like a flow, shorties actin' stank 'til they seen the video And wore ins with my mens, I break 'em off like bobby pins Joyride like Spragga Benz Only seven niggas in this close, 'til death, an overdose Manage funds with number one, O.T.'s with baby guns Chop lock, with Mr. Rash, get laid, with Freddie Suade Nelda, you do the books, Pretty Pat, stay paid And to my mentor, the true inventor, Black Sinatra The San Diego don, Adolph with Ollie Oshe So what the deal? That the deal! I set shit off then peel And when I sell a million plates, we need to renegotiate Mostly lately, I’m gettin' on 'em You’re trying to break me? I’m SHITTIN' on 'em! Well you can hate me 'cause I’m swift Who the mouthpiece for beef, jealous niggas just reef You know the stat there, I bless it I ain’t home, leave a message You a hoe from years ago, John Forte' ain’t in the rest here I let my mens call it, for the ballers if you check it 'Cause All You Gotta Do is make a record! Ay yo Warren man, take that from the top man I’m-I'm-I'm not feelin' it…
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