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Whodini – Funky Beat

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исполнитель Whodini

правообладатель Jive

жанр Рэп

длительность 00:30

размер 11.60 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Funky Beat
Extra, extra read all about it Whodini drops another one in everybody’s face And dig it, they call this one Grandmaster Dee’s «Funky Beat» Film at 11 Funky beat, funky beat Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Right here and now, I do declare This to be the new funky beat of the year If you want a funky beat, why not use mine? I be rocking funky beats, all the time So now’s the time, and this is the chance Cause the next record might not make you dance Cause funk ain’t nothing but a four letter word That’s often spelled but seldom heard Listen to the bass drum hit the ground The bass sounds like it weighs at least a pound You heard the drum roll, there was a glare in your eye But tell me the truth, are you that surprised? We make beats with rhythm and rhythm with beats Hear my records in the clubs, as well as the streets So to all you emcees, that’s looking for an idol Jalil is my name, Master Rapper’s my title This beat here will be served and deserved We’ll rock on point, and turn all curves We’ll rock every beat with the greatest of ease And if you try and drum roll us — we’ll bob and weave We’ll slip and slurk, tear off our shirt Just to show you what it’s like when a rapper’s at work So from now until the man who we feel Is gonna go rocking on the wheels of steel Grandmaster Dee, hit me! Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Now you heard DJ’s on the record scratch But how many have you heard bust a rap? My DJ, Grandmaster Dee He raps on the mic with Ecstasy and me And when we’re at the party, we turn it out Cause that’s what Whodini is all about I am the rapper that they call Jalil Master Dee is the one on the wheels of steel Behind the turntable, one and two Something from Whodini, special for you (yo) You (yo) you (yo) you (yo) you (yo) You, you, you, yo' Drew! Yo last Fresh Fest I was rockin «Good Times» This Fresh Fest I’m busting out rhymes When I’m on the set I take total control I rock your mind, yo' feet, your body, your soul Other DJs may stop and stare But when I’m on the set, I show no fear I rock the beat because it is bad Jam the other the DJs know that I am Def, def, def, def, yo Ex! The point we tried to make, is simple On the turntables he’s quick and nimble Since he’s here we’re gonna prove our point Now that Whodini’s inside the joint Born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn There are three of us, and we’re all good looking Young ladies hearts, we’re sho' to win Cause like five plus five we equal ten So easy on the tweeter, heavy on the bass With some help from Master Dee we’re gonna rock My time is up, it’s on you Jalil All DJs aren’t created equal To this rap there will be no sequel People like you must understand That all rap groups don’t need no band All we need in order to achieve Is some help from the Master you better believe And you’ll get results, and not insults And that’s the way our business is dealt The words we speak are so explicit We rock from the Atlantic to the Pacific We’re the men with the international beeper But call us at night because our rates are cheaper And it’s our intent to represent The DJ that’ll give you one hundred percent Mo' excitement than a one man band Too good to be great so we call the man Grand Master Dee Ooh-wee! (9x) Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Funky beat, funky beat, funky beat Funky beat
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