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John Cooper Clarke – Gimmix! Play Loud

John Cooper Clarke
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исполнитель John Cooper Clarke

правообладатель Sony Music UK

жанр Рок

длительность 00:30

размер 5.19 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Gimmix! Play Loud
Hey Jimmy, gimme the gimmix Another day — another fad Funk, yes, even for a minute They’re not bad — dad From the barmy days of the hoola hoop craze To the skate board panic of today Amused, amazed, aghast we gaze We don’t get in the way Tune in the idle chatter Turn a blind eye to the scream At the shatter proof heart of the matter Things are as they seem Mahatma Gandhi’s loin cloth The cosa nostra kiss Cola cans and coin-op cops Amphetamine psychosis Sick, sick, sick, or something Talk is cheap and loud Dying of consumption Join the lonely crowd Look inside the freezer Watch the pop up toaster pop The blinking Mona Lisa Is blinking at me non stop Beauty aids, commodity art And things that are for things Tea’s Maids, cushions that fart The Lord of the Rings Let’s hear both sides of the story Please don’t put me on Trial by Juke Box Jury They send me, I’m gone Chicken runs will sort out The sheep from the proverbial goats Speed’s in, Sport’s out We will not be approached Caught in the metal of a straight career Wn a bent assembly line Looking younger than last year Marching men mark time Boy next door seeks girlfriend Outdoor type seeks fun Swim, sing, cycle and swing No matter what time of the month Stereotypical playmates Supplied and not get bored With impotent anxiety states Collectively called the norm In ideal homes where missing persons Appear and disappear The sound of iron curtains Cuts the atmosphere What’s going on behind the green door The war, the watusi, or what The condition of admission is a haircut A Tony Curtis or a Cooper Clar-ar-ar-ar-ar
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