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Papoose – Fortune 500

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исполнитель Papoose

длительность 03:23

размер 7.77 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено uid50223357

Fortune 500
Google me, I’m well-known in the Big Apple AT&T, reach out and touch you, I’ll get at you Makin' M’s like McDonald’s, I’m a hustler, too So I gotta flip that over and get the W You subbin' on Instagram, one day You gon' speak direct instead of the Subway Wearin' gators, sippin' Gatorade, brand new Polo It was red, white and blue like the Pepsi logo Thieves obey their thirst like Sprite, know I got the hammer I was gamblin' in Las Vegas at the Tropicana They fall like Domino’s when I pop those shells I’m Universal, my name ring Taco Bells Ship Coca-Cola UPS Get Stars-buck, you better Netflix and chill before you be next We be on the paper Chase, they ain’t lastin' long So I told 'em this ain’t a Sprint, this a marathon I got it for the low like eBay and Amazon So I stay fly like Delta with my carry-on In US Bank with my Visa and MasterCard All of my pieces stay hittin' like Barry Bonds The Bud make me Weiser, I’m the Oracle, check it Leave 'em in a state of shock, this General is Electric Tools like Home Depot, inject the cartridge Bought a weapon from Walmart, you just a Target Ridin' in a Tesla, street mogul So even if it’s a Ford, every man on my T-Mobile I shine like a Spectrum when your light goes off Always actin' like you hard, but you Microsoft Somebody must have gassed you up like Exxon For some reason you think you slick, Chevron I see you got my name in your mouth like Colgate You startin' with a G like Gillette, yeah, OK I’m blood related to money, it’s all dandy Give my uncle Wells Fargo a check, he gon' clear me This American Express-ed himself, I talk clearly Heard in every Bank of America, the world hear me Make sure I Pay my Pals their money, pay off dearly So they all post me on they Facebook, they gon' share me I got two twin cousins, man, are them boys fancy Got the same name, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley Now I got fish on my Dish, no more candy Linkedin with the right people, they all fear me My reign on the top was Progressive before Sandy Eat these rappers up like Chipotle, my thoughts scary You boys hear me? They know what I Intel, I’m the wisest They used to wear wires, now snitches is wireless like Verizon United we stand, we fall if we divided Click on my YouTube, hope you subscribin' I’m ridin' in a Ghost like Snapchat, we laid back Then we just turn the music up to the TJ Maxx PNC, Punchin' all rappers right N they Chin I’m an Immortal Bar Master, IBM Conquerin' Verses Strategically, CVS I’mma kill it when I perform at South by Southwest She gave me 7 humps and Eleven kisses, she couldn’t stand you So she only gave you two humps like a Camel My Marlboro homies from Coney Island’ll bang Haters salty 'cause I got more chips than Lay’s I got her sweatin' out her Estee Lauder Killed the KFCs, L’s & M’s, Alphabetical Slaughter!
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