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The Beach Boys – Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into A Piano

The Beach Boys
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исполнитель The Beach Boys

правообладатель Universal Music Group Capitol Records

жанр Поп

длительность 01:30

размер 3.46 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls Into A Piano
Brian: Well...look, I'll see you guys later. David: Where'd he go? He went in the piano. He's disappeared right into the piano. Michael: Hey, Brian? Brian? Brian, where are ya? Brian: I'm in the piano. Michael: Come outta there, man! Brian: I can't! I'm stuck between the C and the C#. Michael: Well, try to get out! Brian: I did, but I hit my head on the mallet. Michael: Let's see, how we gonna get him out, David? David: I don't know. Brian: It's freezin' in here. David: Let's see if we can play him out... Brian: It's really cool- NO! Don't hit the C#! Oh! Michael: Oh, I'm sorry! Brian: Ow! Careful, man. Michael: There? Brian: Oh! Oooh. No. Yow! Michael: Aw, there he is! Now listen: I'll hit it with the mallet and you grab the mallet as it goes up and it'll lift you outta there. Brian: Alright. Go slow because I'm on, uh... Michael: Here we go... Brian: All right. Michael: Just a little at a time... Brian: Alright, hit it! Ow! There, I'm on! Michael: Alright! Now one more time and boost yourself all the way out. Brian: Wait a minute! Strike the Bb. Michael: The Bb? Brian: Yeah! My left foot's on it. Oh, there I am! Ah, okay, I'm on top the C#. Now hit the C# real hard and I'll come flyin' out. How are ya? Van: Hey! We're glad to see ya. Michael: Hey, that was great! David: Glad to have ya back. Brian: Weird thing to happen. Weirdest thing that's ever happened to me out there. Van: What a thing, tappin'!! Brian: Danny! What's happening? Where'd Danny come from? Suddenly showed up. Van: I wanna be 'round my vegetables.
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