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Dinah Washington – Let Me Love You

Dinah Washington
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исполнитель Dinah Washington

правообладатель Universal Music Group Mercury Records

жанр Джаз

длительность 02:12

размер 5.05 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Let Me Love You
I'm tired of running From town to town Now I'm ready to stop, y'all And settle down Cause it's a life of misery When you're alone And I've got to have somebody To call my own Oh, baby, let me love you Whoa, baby, I wanna love you I need to love you, girl I'll be your water When your well goes dry And your good loving man, honey Til the day I die I'll be your shelter, yes, I will Whenever it rains And like Dr.Feelgood I can ease your pain Hey, baby, I wanna love you Whoa, baby I've got to love you, girl I need to love you Listen here I need you and want you So come on, girl Let's find some happiness In this old world Lord knows I'm gonna carry you Baby, by myself I've got to have you And nobody else Oh, baby, I wanna love you Whoa, baby I need to love you, girl I've got to love you Now come here, baby Why don't you hold my hand You know I'm gonna do The very best I can Lord knows I need you Right by my side, girl With love and affection To keep me satisfied Oh, Lord, I'm tired of running From town to town That's why I want you, girl To help me settle down
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