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Steel Pulse – No Justice No Peace

Steel Pulse
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исполнитель Steel Pulse

правообладатель Island Records

длительность 04:43

размер 10.81 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

No Justice No Peace
The law is back to front yeah! Up side down yeah ah! What do we want justice What do we need justice stiddly bop No justice no peace Retaliation won’t cease No justice no peace Retaliation won’t cease For the whole world was a witness We saw it on t. v Four officers they got acquitted For beating of Rodney King As my friend Macka B would say It wasn’t right in any kind of way That Mike Tyson got six long years For a rape that was not proven Take the case of Kennedy Pardoned and got away scott free O black people why don’t you see Their democracy has spoken Give me a riot me can’t keep quiet Mek we loot set the place pon fire Too much abuse sey me sick and me tired Hang the jury dem a blasted liar A blackman’s incarceration Cause of white supremacy Let’s break down the walls of oppression Their lies and hypocrisy woe Don’t forget old Howard Beach Hatred practised what it preached Michael Griffiths lay dead on the streets By a mob of white extremists Yusef Hawkins was gunned down In a little red neck part of town We won’t take that sitting down Cause that’s a sign of weakness Woe na an woe na na woe na na Not funny I’m in a fury Kangaroo court and the judge a monkey I smell a rat and it skunky funky If you a sly fox The law is back to the front yeah Upside down Inside out in Babylon Chant dem chant dem yeah chant dem It no funny I’m in a fury It’s my duty string to up the jury Not satisfied with your tricks and lies Not satisfied with the system No justice no justice No justice no peace
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