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Tory Lanez – The Coldest Playboy

Tory Lanez
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исполнитель Tory Lanez

правообладатель Interscope Records

жанр Рэп

длительность 02:00

размер 4.61 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

The Coldest Playboy
Froze hearted, she left me out for dead They left me out for dead, just like my mama told me I’m back on road, I’m like, fuck a friendship That’s a costly pleasure, I can’t afford no homies Niggas plotted on me, damn near laid on me I was beggin' 'em for my shot and niggas played on me I’m back on road, tellin' them wait on it I call the shots now and I make the plays on it Lied to my bitch so much, I’m startin' to believe it I done brought her one Chanel, then she got conceited At school, I was sellin' dope to students and the teachers I’m a self-made nigga, bitch, you wanna leave, then leave me Got my heart broken, bitch, and threw me back in savage mode If she ever let me fuck again, it be a grab-and-go Woulda held it down but, bitch, you got me lookin' goofy The way I’m feelin', see your man, it might just slap his Kufi off Niggas think I’m wildin', they should see me out in action Stop sign on my hip for niggas seein' me in traffic You don’t get no points for pullin' faggot moves It’s cat and mouse, out with this cheese, I call it rata-tool Watchin' out for feds, I gotta keep some dawgs with me Niggas swoop and sneak, they’ll lay down and get robbed with you Used to hit that pot up with that finger-roll Shit, I used to hit that pot up with that finger-roll Lied to myself so much, I’m startin' to believe it I tell her that I’m dippin' when we both know I ain’t leavin' Tell her that I’m faithful, we both know that I’m cheatin' I been keepin' this shit hunnid since like '93 Live from the trap, bitch, I ain’t supposed to be here I get caught with certain guys, and they gon' give me three years Lil' nigga break his arm fuckin' with that kickback Niggas stole our cousin from us, now we want our lick back
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