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Mr. President – Side to side

Mr. President
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исполнитель Mr. President

правообладатель ФГ "Никитин"

жанр Поп

длительность 03:31

размер 4.84 MB

битрейт 191 kbps

загружено id263467632

Side to side
Right now man de ni a di studio A drop 'nough lyric and thump 'nough beat So everybody get up on your foot and get ready for dance Cause di man right here just ready to prance Oops upside Wave your hands from side to side If you hear what I said Jump in your car and take a ride So here we go as you know now it's time to start the show Kicking rhymes as I flow Sometimes quick or sometimes slow So if you don't know me baby you can call me lazy Cause I drive the young girls buck wild crazy If you wonder how I do it Listen up cause there's no secret Cause when I'm in the house then I like to rock you, lady Now it's time to leave and you can't do without me Cause all the ladies crying out : Please undress me ! Oops oh oh oh oh oh Oops oh oh Oops oh oh oh oh oh Oops oh oh From side to side How I really do it girl I couldn't really tell ya Cause maybe it's because I always try to flow for ya Cause it ain't that then it must be my humour It definitely ain't this dam perfuma From side to side, yeah eh, from side to side From side to side ! From side to side, oh oh, from side to side From side to side ! Now I want everybody on the right side to do with me And everybody on that side to do what they do, okay It's time for you to party with us just right here on the stage So come on everybody just lift your voice Here we go, here we go Here we go oh oh Right side, oh oh oh oh Left side, oh oh Right side, oh oh oh oh Left side, oh oh Right side From side to side
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