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Big Sean – Why Would I Stop

Big Sean
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исполнитель Big Sean

правообладатель Universal Music Group Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings

жанр Поп,Рэп,R’n’B

длительность 02:32

размер 5.80 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено paganizondar

Why Would I Stop
Critical ain’t no time left on the clock When it’s your time give them something to watch I picked out the locks 'til I buy out the block And I know I’m a gift but I think out the box And they want me to stop but why would I stop I am unstoppable (Hol' up) why would I stop, bitch? Why would I stop? Chill (Chill), I don’t jump, I dive in it (Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up) this the reason I’m alive isn’t it? This shit the antidote, this the cure cancer flow Stop a pandemic and the globe The product of old Ye chopping up the sample flow Dilla and Pimp C, the trilla, this shit might go too trill for Triller though I see you critical, I’m not hospitable, favorite rappers I done cut they umbilicals Red Wings jersey B.I.G. look like Pac The blacker the berry more they wanna see it rot I’m going down as one of the gods, G-O-D-D-O-A, dead or alive I’m laying low, they could be espionage This ain’t no walk in the park you can’t slide Solution to everyone else 'round me problems Next episode, got the whole fucking world watching I might leave the series, come back like I’m Rodman Get it no or right now my only two options So why would I stop, I am unstoppable (Hol' up) Why would I stop, bitch? This shit unstoppable Chill (Chill), I don’t jump, I dive in it (Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up) this the reason I’m alive isn’t it? The DJ gon' drop this, we made it from scratch I’m minding my business and all of it’s black My dog on the same wave the mode is attack I don’t complain about life, I adapt I’m at a point if I fuck with a lil' hoe It’s not just a fling it’s a scandal (On God) I can’t be handing out samples (No way) I can’t be having 10 baby mammas That shit sound like a job not a family (Straight up) And I do this shit for the family (Straight up) Yeah, that’s just the roots I had planted (God) D2 this shit the new standard Upgraded the city, it got a new feeling, the house that I built (Whoa) House in the hills, ain’t no hills in the D, so we all in the field (Whoa, whoa) Runnin' shit 5K, 3K Andre (Run it, run it) Hair on my hood when they dress like me that’s cosplay Give a fuck 'bout a threat, nigga, I’ma threat leaving out the driveway I never listen to what the opps say Why when the universe respond to what I say?
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