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CeCe Winans – I Promise (Wedding Song)

CeCe Winans
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исполнитель CeCe Winans

длительность 04:59

размер 11.42 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

I Promise (Wedding Song)
I could tell by the way you smile I could feel it in your touch And I knew this heart of mine This time would fall in love All the hopes and promises given And the pain that life can bring Will build our will and commitment to face anything I will love you faithfully, forever unconditionally And my love I promise Everything I have is yours You're everything I prayed and waited for And my love I promise you Now we begin our life today And though we've only just begun The quest until we're old and gray is the vow to live as one Through the desert winds that blow I'll walk you through the winters cold I'll be there to keep the fire alive And when each passage we endure We will stay strong, we can be sure Our love survives
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