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Monica – Ain't Nobody

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исполнитель Monica

длительность 04:26

размер 10.17 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Ain't Nobody
Naughty up in here(That's why I love you baby) Time to bring the ruckus with rap From the beginning till we're out(That's why I love you baby) Introducing Miss Thing,Monica That's right,representing ATL to Illtown(That's why I love you baby) Everybody get up out of your seats and fix your body For ain't nobody(That's why i love you baby) It goes like this! You've been more than good to me Give me all that I could need There's a little thing you do,baby Never fight in front of your friends Take me riding in your Benz Spending time,let me know that I'm on your mind,baby Because everytime I say "I love you" it's with a pride And everytime I say "I need you" it's from inside Because my heart is forever,the things you do You do just for me,that's why I love you baby Ain't nobody gonna love you like I do Ain't nobody gonna treat you the way I treat you(That's why I love you Baby) Ain't nobody ever loved me like you do Ain't nobody to compare to you That's why I love you baby You think your lucky caught a quicky in a nap A hicky on your lap That's the payback for the scratches you left on my back You wouldn't need a toy-friend with a boyfriend Or something proper if you slept under the thunder Keep my number I heard your next best is now ya next ex Cause in the middle of your best sex - you yell "Treach!" An' I ain't mad at'cha yet What'cha pimp daddy don't know won't hurt him Who loves ya best? Treat me like your young lady Special things you say to me Feels so good to be with you my baby Doesn't matter what they think Cause I'm gonna be here anyway There's no need to feel ashamed because you're on my mind And every time I say "I love you" it's with a pride And every time i say "I need you" it's from inside Because my heart is forever,the things you do You do just for me,that's why I love you baby I kinda wanna turn your poverty to paradise You say ya lonely, keep ya head up, honey, where are your eyes? We can keep it on a low-down-down, I don't go down, I throw down He threw your clothes over the Rover, so where you gonna go now? Remember when I was like "Who you?",now you my boo-boo He be bragging how he do you, so who you think he true to? Sue-Sue and you to, Chi-Chi and Gigi Tellin' you he need you plus his baby momma Nee-Nee But I won't get between the love if it's all his, here my keys Cry in my arms so you cry no more at last Feed ya body,I'll drive ya, ride shotty So trust me hottie like there ain't nobody (That's why I love you, baby)
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