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Big Scoob – Take Me Away (Feat. Irv Da Phenom)

Big Scoob
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исполнитель Big Scoob

длительность 04:32

размер 10.38 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Take Me Away (Feat. Irv Da Phenom)
Lord, Grant me The serenity to accept the things that I cannot change? Courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference? Learning to live one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time Accepting hardships is my path when it peaks Taking as he did, My sinful world as it is, And not as I would have it It’s like everywhere I go the drama follow me I try to get away, The streets is calling me, Lord Please? Take Me Away (x3) And the hood is all I know, So I’m just trying to stay strong but I don’t know if I can make it on my own, Lord Please? Take Me Away (x3) They got me scared to pick my phone up, It’s always bad news Seems like lately, Lord I ain’t winning, All I do is lose I done lost so many people, I got nothing left to lose They done turned the chess to checkers, They ain’t playing by the rules I done paid so many dues, Feel like I should know the moves but I’m blind and I can’t chose, How much longer in these shoes? I’ve been walking down this same path, It’s time for something new I keep trying to add up numbers but subtractions all you use Man, I’m sorry for these questions but I need to see some truth I’ve been waiting on these blessings, I don’t think they coming through Man, You told me put my faith in you but now my heart is bruised I got nothing left to do but run these streets and hunt for clues I’m so tired of gutter livin, How the story stays the same How I see the same picture and it’s always full of pain Life is cloudy in these pitchers and it always brings rain That’s the reason, I be itchin in the kitchen, twistin' caine Ain’t much different if it’s prison or the block it’s all the same So I get it how I’m livin don’t make sense to leave the game I ain’t trying to place the blame, I’m just asking how to change? Tryin to find a different lane, That’s the reason I’m with Strange but With Strange brought the fame but it’s slow to bring the change So I’m right back in the game and I don’t think that I can change Man, My home will still remain, Still got greed for fancy thangs So I’m right back in position on a mission through the rain Man, They tell me it’s a reason, While I’m still upon this earth Am I the only one dont see it, Please? Show me what I’m worth? Just a glimpse of my destiny? I swear to give the best of me And till there’s no more breathe in me, All I got that’s left of me I’m trying to clear the pitchers with my very last shot If a switch don’t come from this one, Then I’m heading for the block Time to holla at my mexicans and dust off my pa Yeah, You know I had to keep it man, I knew I couldn’t stop I’m a pusher that’s my nature, So I’m trying to push these records but I speak a different language, So it’s hard to get my message Vent aggression, Under Pressure, Like the lids funna blow Got my eyes on the prize but, It’s still far to go So as I stand here before you, Lord I take this opportunity to humble myself and ask you for your help It’s like at this point in my life right now I need something different or I just need you to let me know This is the path that you intended for me and I’ll walk this path with no resistance
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