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Kendrick Lamar – A Milli

Kendrick Lamar
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исполнитель Kendrick Lamar

жанр Рэп

длительность 03:13

размер 7.36 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

A Milli
I order plenty ammunition for the enemies that I got Guess I'm poison to rappers, front on me, get bent backwards Cap and gown, graduated with my Masters So where do I go now Swear there is no-nothing after Chew you up then spit you out You nothing but a Polla Seed Follow hood policies Compton, California where the motherfuckin' riders be You never seen a killer til' you seen one on side of me That green on the side of me Fuckin' all about my fuckin' money like a sodomy Fuck them bitches properly I do it I do it, done it, run it like I grown legs by the hundreds My pocket full of hundreds, I'm always hungry Been hungry, I think a nigga need three stomachs Bummy, NEVER Middle of a conversation, I cough up a feather And get ready for the detonation I bomb on whoever Whatever you bout, I'm bout it twice like a woman who give twins life Every line be tailor made, hella paid, count that money, several ways I'm a beast, fuck a mansion, I rather live in a cave Ok, I squeeze the juice out a rapper and just squash this track The people like "What the fuck happened and where Wayne be at?" There's some boy named K Dot and he's a maniac! I think his vocals is strapped, with a toolie, in fact He spit like a Uzi, rat-tat-tat He just shot me in my back, somebody pick up my back I think that boy from Iraq, I think y'all boys better know that He got it on lock like a Low Jack Heading straight for the top like a ball cap Y'all better fall back, y'all better crawl back where y'all came from Ain't one better than the one who can write like Langston Hughes from the brain off top Like a bottle dude, get a hollow, where you swallow food Get a model, bet she swallow, who? Me Bet she goggle like a scuba diver eyes in the sea Recognize who I be, K. Dot motherfucker Dot motherfucker, hot motherfucker, drop top when ya popped with the Glock On sight motherfucker, sight motherfucker, ride motherfucker, die motherfucker When I go pop, pop Open up, close shop like a retail spot Everybody know I be where the money lie, eat where the money lie, shit where the money lie, sleep where the money lie Bitch that's no lie, let the truth be told K Dizzle, the Big Sizzle, turn beats to stoves, burn up
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