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Lionel Richie – Pastime

Lionel Richie
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исполнитель Lionel Richie

правообладатель Universal Music Group Island Def Jam

длительность 03:52

размер 5.21 MB

битрейт 188 kbps

загружено id122924545

Baby would it be too much if I told you that I'm in love? Life has never been better, we are closer than ever Baby would it be alright if I took a bit of your time To tell you my little secret, promise that you will keep it? If I was ruler for a day and there were things that I could change I wouldn't change a thing that's how much you mean You're my favorite pastime and I'm so happy you're mine We have come so far you know but there's still farther we can go You're my favorite pastime and baby you make me smile With the happiness you bring, it makes me wantt to sing Baby would it make you scared if I said I want to be there To hold you through all the bad times and guide you back to the sunshine? 'Cause baby it would make me cry to not have you in my life How could I go on breathing when you're the air that I'm needing If I could have my every wish and there were things that I could switch I wouldn't switch a thing that's how much you mean Oh, when I look at you I see the future That's happy ever after, we'll make it work Though I may not always please you I'll never grieve you You lift me up when I am down, so happy that I've found you I want to sing to you [x2]
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