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Krs-one – Are You Ready For This

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исполнитель Krs-one

жанр Старая школа рэпа

длительность 03:04

размер 4.21 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено id50351719

Are You Ready For This
Well when I speak this I’ma be like this, I’mma be like Kris I’ma teacher, I’mma preacher, I’mma free my kids I’ma grow dem and show dem what a leader is I’ma teach dem the laws of receive and give Knowledge Reigns Supreme, believe and live You done heard the hype, COME to where the talent is «I'm Still #1,» yup you heard right People say, «KRS-One you shine bright!» Others say, «Yo — you rhyme tight» When you find me, you find light, and that’s alright I don’t know about pimpin, sellin women like retail Or turning coke into crack for resale But I do know if we fail In 2020 our children by the million gonna be jailed We got the victory over the streets God willin we chillin, we know we gon' eat I’m a whole different kind of MC, hoes don’t like Not tempt me but the ladies treat me oh so gently Universities sendin me stretch Bentleys My seminars and lectures, are rarely never empty We teach students plenty, honorary degrees Gold and platinum plaques I got many, ask Kenny People get shocked when I walk into Denny’s Or the corner Kwik-Stop, they say, «That's Hip-Hop Right there,» and yeah it’s really quite clear 2004 might be the right year For mental and spiritual repair The solution is in the resolution you just declared When I speak like this Knowledge Reigns Supreme, hip-hop philosopher All in the street well I’m very popular All through the hood I make all the stops and I Avoid the cops and them random shots well I Love hip-hop and I, live hip-hop so I Spit that shit to get you off your block cause I Can’t understand and I, wish I could see dem Cats that talk bout they love the hood and they Never bring the hood anything that’s good, and they Rap for the money tree, chasin a company But I think you can now see, rap is fun to me I got a ministry, a class, a staff that’s under me KRS in pop rap? Nah, it ain’t ought to be It’ll never happen like, you eatin pork with me Amateurs hawkin me, DON’T EVEN talk to me My house is in Atlanta but I still got New York in me Walk with me, most rappers are short to me I’m like Chamberlain, dominatin the sport you see I toss MC’s off of me When you hear KRS you say that’s how it ought to be I drop heat like this!
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