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Priscilla Ahn – This Is Where We Are

Priscilla Ahn
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исполнитель Priscilla Ahn

жанр Поп

длительность 03:12

размер 7.34 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

This Is Where We Are
«Being good every day Is never easy,"they always say But who are they? And what do we care What anyone says is normal fare? Now this is where we are, so what do we do? Say a little prayer for me and for you Hold my hand through dark, black night Tell me everything will be alright Be alright, Stop the car, get out with me Let’s settle down here beneath this tree Kick off our shoes, cool off our feet March down to our very own two drum beat Now this is where we are, so who will we be? An old married couple beneath this tree Who still hold hands at 92 And say things like, «I've never stopped loving you, Loving you,» Let’s build a house where we can play A home where all the kids can stay Where all the good, and all the bad Can show us who we are at last So this is what we are, what do we see? Everything we can and want to be So many places that we will go To fall, to cry And always love,
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