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Regina – Day By Day

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исполнитель Regina

длительность 03:47

размер 6.94 MB

битрейт 256 kbps

загружено andreys77

Day By Day
I’ve made mistakes So many mistakes The same mistakes The day will come You can’t escape Not even from yourself Day By Day Day By Day I’ve forsaken thousand times Always making the same mistakes Everyday you can’t escape There’s nothing left you can take With the memories of the past Live and feel with my regrets I am paying a price too high I wanna wait till past goes by I wanna live all my life Day By Day I wanna live everyday As my last I wanna live all my life Day By Day I wanna live Every night and day Searching forward I feel remorse Smile to hope Inside my soul Even live with an empty ghost Afraid again to see my future Now I know that i have to cry There are things you can never buy
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