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Mr. Fox – Dancing Song

Mr. Fox
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исполнитель Mr. Fox

правообладатель Warner Music Group Transatlantic

длительность 00:30

размер 7.07 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Dancing Song
I learnt to dance when I was a boy And dancing was my only joy I'll still be dancing when you grow old When the seas dry up and walls take fold My father taught me how to dance He said it was my only chance To show the people how to be free - An ordinary boy like me! When the day came to go to school The teacher took me for a fool You should've heard the bugles roar As I danced through the classroom door But I didn't cry, I didn't fret I told them stuff their alphabet I packed my bags that very same night And I took off in the morning light I heard a commodore blow his horn And saw I knew they'd been forewarned Twisting and to stir the wheat The grass sprang up beneath my feet I knew the dance would help to show The trees and flowers how to grow So knowing I must never tire I gave a yell that there took fire One day I took it in me mind The time had come for me to bind So with me true love fair and wild I hailed a toe right up the aisle The people cheered, the thrushes drank For miles around the church bells rang The pub was closed and we were wed So lost stop to our marriage bed In time came children, one two three They all looked like their mother and me And through the hall and up the stairs And up to bed to say their prayers But they still lost that prize on Earth They soon forgot those steps they learnt My wife grew old, I knew the day Had come for me to dance away Over the mountains over the sea Nothing on Earth could hold back me So let me give you a word of warning If you walk out on a bright spring morning: Around the corner of the next street You hear the sound of my dancing feet Keep away, try not to hear Whatever you do, don't come too near The dance may take you as it took me - From lovers and friends and family
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