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Mr. Probz – Tears Gone Bad

Mr. Probz
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исполнитель Mr. Probz

жанр Шансон

длительность 02:27

размер 5.63 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено moder1

Tears Gone Bad
Staring at my rearview wondering how I made it out Took the road less traveled giving, thanks to the gravel that got me here I couldn’t shed no tears through the pain and the suffering Why bother now Didn’t waste my time on it They’re just tears gone bad Momma working long hours round the clock, just trying to make it work Daddy had a choice between us and a bottle and we ended up packing our bags Now he’s trying to reach out don’t need a grown man struggling Don’t bother now Didn’t make me drown poppa, these just tears gone bad There were times I was lost and no one looked for me And I’ve been caught by the law They threw that book at me Lord I must have an angel watching over me Wouldn’t let me drown in them Tears gone bad There were times I was lost and no one looked for me They told me I couldn’t fly with these broken wings Just look at me, tears don’t last Now look at me, I’m here at last
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