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A Broken Silence – There they go

A Broken Silence
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исполнитель A Broken Silence

длительность 04:37

размер 5.36 MB

битрейт 160 kbps

загружено Ferdinand-w

There they go
VERSE 1 Flicking through photos as our childhood starts to fade away As we’ve grown seen some of the wildest, Many of our greatest days Some succeeded, stagnated, didn’t make the grade Some of us lost hope and put our faith up in the latest craze With something so potent they lost focus Couldn’t stay sain Many dreams they went up in smoke From the day they became a slave Were they lost souls looking for ways to entertain their brain? Couldn’t strain friendships and made it hard To go against the grain On a lonely road where no one is on a quest for change, To get control then at best you must confess today Barely a cent after rent in a mess you stay Savings are spent, invested in the stress and decay Do we rest the blame on the shoulders of society? Who let it creep through although they know its notoriety? If I could take your past and hold it where your eyes can see To show you’ve joined a long line That be folding up them brightest dreams CHORUS Sometimes the city can suck you in to its habits Where it’s easier to sink than to manage Let it go Sometimes even the loudest people in a crowded place Feel drowned out and start to think they’re alone Another day another broken dream We try to bring em out the dark again but there they go Don’t know where to go Don’t know where to go My city try to throw em off they don’t know where to go Sometimes the city can suck you in to its habits Where it’s easier to sink than to manage Let it go Another day another broken dream We try to bring them out the dark again but There they go VERSE 2 Often I’m pacing, thought’s be racing Asking questions why the privileged waste And those in despair make the best of life? What separates those with lesser drive from the rest that shine? Why do some rise up in testing times? Some are less inclined Morals clouded, soaked up in these pesticides Couples giving birth so the baby bonus cheque arrives We twisted, too slow to even get their vibe Went from A to B so quick, couldn’t connect the lines Since it got a grip on these streets and started clenching tight Tensions increase and so has tendencies to crime Bodies waste away On those who were once the energetic type No class or race divides this epidemic strike It’s not a new find, fragility of the human mind But to reality many have shut the door Drew the blinds, isolated In this modern worlds new design Where no one’s got the time to try and stop em from the noose they’re tying
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