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CeCe Winans – Mamma's Kitchen

CeCe Winans
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исполнитель CeCe Winans

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment

длительность 00:30

размер 3.17 MB

битрейт 256 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Mamma's Kitchen
I remember Saturdays helping Mama in her kitchen Conversations prying, baking with passing down the wisdom She said babygirl you're a queen and this is how you should be treated Words she washed with tears and planted in my soul Can we just go back to the simple kinda living? Can we just go back and maybe start from the beginning? Back to better days, when love was for the giving Can we just go back to the way we were? Mama said there was a time when brothers were each others keepers Sisters held each other close till there was nothing left between them Back when a song was a song you could sing along didn't matter how long Just as long as it spoke to ya, sung to ya Do you know what I mean? Now I'm chasing rainbows and dreams Trying hard to believe This is how it could be Yesterday was yesterday, tomorrow's just a day away By then it may be too late, maybe we can start today
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