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Decapitated – Anger Line

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исполнитель Decapitated

жанр Метал

длительность 03:44

размер 8.56 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

Anger Line
Since I remember, every eye’s burnt with wrath Since I remember, every hand’s been stained with crime Since I remember, every word’s dripped with lies Since I remember, every step’s been a risk We’ve been the hate’s alchemists The great violent search for shimmering release Death, fear and anger are the perfect recipe! I’ve fallen and crawled through the ages in nowhere land Blind, suffocated by submissive life Prolonged lethargy grows like a claw Then breeds anger, cuts the bonds The human swarm full of spikes, sting without mercy every time I slotted into the order of this severe world I bred my anger, my dormant arm Sculpted in the lurid forge of my fears Hounded mind reached into the darkness sphere The inside fury gained with every wound The latent fuse, the bomb inside I slowly enter the fragile Ground Sanity stands against the wrath I’m getting closer to the anger line Closer than ever to slake the urge Curiously staring at what is beyond the line Too many years, too many scars… Pointless awaiting just whets appetite Sinners, the cursed ones, temptingly calling my fucking name Just a few steps forward to feel released Just a couple moves to awake the beast! Closer than ever, closer to hell I walk into shadow, the valley of the damned
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