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Aretha Franklin – Pullin'

Aretha Franklin
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исполнитель Aretha Franklin

правообладатель Rhino Atlantic

жанр R’n’B

длительность 00:30

размер 8.31 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Everyone knew but me, that soon You would be calling it off and gone Everyone pitied me, had so much sympathy They didn't think i'd be strong Oh, i'm... oh, i'm pulling on... (pulling!) Yeah! (moving!) i'm moving on (I'm... Pulling!) pulling on! (moving!) pulling on in If i'd meant to you what you lead me to believing Baby, you wouldn't be gone, no Turned your back on me (freezing!) Just as cold as you can be... (yeah!) I ain't been sitting here all alone Baby, cause i'm... hey, i'm pulling on... (pulling!) Yeah... (moving!) and i'm moving (I'm... Pulling!) oh, yes i am! (moving!) moving on (Pulling! pulling! pulling! Pulling!) I'm pulling harder and harder I'm moving higher and higher I'm pulling harder and harder Oh, i'm... (pulling!) i'm pulling on! (moving!) moving on in (I'm... pulling!) pulling on! (moving) moving! So glad i'm free, found a man for me Let me tell you while you're moving on: Instead of begging you I should have helped you pack your bags And move along! Oh, cause Oh, cause i'm... (pulling!) pulling on... (moving!) moving on in! (I'm... pulling!) oh, oh, no! (moving!) moving (Moving! Higher! pulling! Harder!) (Moving!) higher! (higher!) moving! (Pulling!) pulling! (harder!) harder! (Moving!) pulling! (higher!) higher! (Pulling!) pulling! (harder!) harder! (Moving!) pulling! (higher!) higher! (Pulling!) moving! (harder!) harder! (Moving!) pulling! (higher!) higher! (Pulling!) moving! (harder!) harder! (Moving!) moving... (higher!) higher (Pulling!) pulling... (harder!) harder (Moving!) yeah... (higher!) pulling... (Pulling!) harder... (harder!) and higher (Moving!) harder... (higher!) higher... (Pulling!) pulling... (harder!) moving (Moving!) pulling! (higher!) harder! (Pulling!) pulling! (harder!) higher! (Moving!) moving! (higher!) higher! (Pulling!) higher! (harder!) higher! (Moving!) higher! (higher!) yeah! (Pulling!) yeah! (harder!) yeah! (Moving!) go ahead! (higher!) higher! (Pulling!) yeah! (harder!) go ahead, high! (Moving! higher! pulling!) pulling... (harder!) harder (Moving!) moving... (higher!) harder... (Pulling!) pulling... (harder!) higher (Moving! higher!) moving, hey, higher (Pulling!) pulling... (harder!) harder (Moving!) harder (Higher!) harder (Pulling!) well
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