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Hammerfall – I Believe

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исполнитель Hammerfall

длительность 04:53

размер 11.19 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено bescein

I Believe
Is it to late to go in peace, i wonder how how these things did start, anyway Maybe to late to find a way, when the trail of grief is marked with memories Now when you're gone, the warmth of the sun seems so faraway I Believe in everything i see, every second is a miracle for me I Believe after sunshine comes the rain, and when it's pouring down the only thing i feel is pain I walk alone through shapeless dreams my only home is the wasteland that i cross I close the door and turn the key those days of joy are barely memories Now when you're gone, your star will shine on, won't you shine for me I Belive in everything ...
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