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Cormega – Take These Jewels

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исполнитель Cormega

жанр Рэп

длительность 02:15

размер 5.15 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

Take These Jewels
Everybody who shake your hand Ain’t your man Its real, if you sleep you better wake up man Don’t be a fool, learn the rules Put your faith in your hands Or be stunned when you see your son Hanging your ass I mean you thought that nigga was real He intended to squeal day one DA’s said he’s willing to deal Never let your friends know How your pistol blow How you get your dough About the crib on the low The code of silence expired long ago Even in Queensbridge, you’ll be surprised who’s informing yo Once the shit hit the fan, the horns will blow The DA is the conductor for the chorus yo The symphony ain’t complete till the curtains close And you upstate thinking you deserve parole Now you vexed cause your man won’t accept your calls I speak valuable lessons so check this yo Keep your friends close, enemies closer Never sleep on any beef, or give work to a smoker Loyalties worth more wealth, in world where people be all for self I got friends who never call me till they want help Then expect me to show love, I don’t receive from them It hurts me, cause I will bleed for them Yet is it worth me risking, being free for them? I got a lot more to lose in thought A lot more secluded Yours a lot more polluted What should I do man? Women, flocking my digits like the Blue Van My boy Blue passed, it seems he was one of my true mans Dudes smile in my face with there conspiring ways Betrayal put Christ in the grave Niggas, unrighteous ways You up, they wanna stop you Down, they talk about you Even your friends will rob you You think I’m lying? Ask Rich Porter mom duke Shit is real Gimmie a bit a favour, of a friend who won’t snake you Coke that don’t lose grams, and I’m cool man I was quarterback in the pack, despite D from the Blue Van Just me and a few mans, setting screens, reppin Queens Whoever thought that this will be Corey’s destiny? Keep your friends close, enemies closer Never sleep on any beef, or get worked to a smoke We out
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