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RotFront – James Bondski

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исполнитель RotFront

жанр Регги

длительность 03:10

размер 7.28 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50209767

James Bondski
James Bondski was a superspy he worked for KGB I never missed James Bondski’s show someday on TV Once on a cold, rainy night as I was going to bed My moma told my suddenly the truth about my dad Bondski, James Bondski Bondski, Thats what my momma said Bondski, James Bondski Bondski, James Bondski is your dad (female voice) I worked at our Embassy in Budapest Thats where I met you dad, oh he was the best We stayed at the same hotel, he lived next door And i’ve never met anyone like him before He gave me a smile and the first thing he said was: «My name is Bondski, Let’s go to bed» He pas perfectly charming and I Could’nt resist We were inseprable for so many weeks So one day he dissapeared and i didn’t know why I missed him os much i thought i would die I thought he was on a mission killing enemies of state, but then it turned out that he had a DATE. I found him at the pool with three girls in bikini Sitting in the sun drinking his Vodka-Martini He waf awefuly drunk, and i reached for his gun And i killed them all dead as they tried to run (male voice) James Bondski was a superspy And also hes my dad I hope that he’s still out there but ofcourse he could be dead So papa, if you hear this song why dont you please call me?
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