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Dinah Washington – Beggin' Mama Blues

Dinah Washington
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исполнитель Dinah Washington

длительность 02:55

размер 2.68 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено LISA_A

Beggin' Mama Blues
Please don’t put me down daddy Cause I want you for my man No please don’t put my down daddy Cause I want for my man I going to straighten up and fly right and stop my raging sass I’ll get early every morning Bring your breakfast to your bed You can spend my money like you want And nothing will ever be said Because before I’ll lose your daddy I’d swear just as soon be dead No, there’s no one else to love me Please believe every word I say When you’re gone I am never contented When you’re I always gay You told that if I cool down daddy You’d come back this once to stay Now, I’m at your mercy daddy Use me as you please Yes, I begging you pretty daddy Down on my bended knees Say that you still love me And set that heart of mine at ease
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