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Earl Sweatshirt – Peanut

Earl Sweatshirt
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исполнитель Earl Sweatshirt

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Tan Cressida/Columbia

длительность 00:30

размер 2.81 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено sony_music

Ayy Ayy, nephew in SA, ayy Know I'm on the way Family saw you on the stage, left it not amazed Thought you'd up and aim? Ayy Now you done and braised, ayy (Braised, ayy) Get the fuck back, you moving like they cut your 'caine, ayy Lick the nut sack, I'm zooted in some tear-aways (Ayy) Fleshin' through the pain, depression, this is not a phase, ayy Picking out his grave, couldn't help but feel outta place Tryna catch some rays, death and hops a sour taste (Sour taste) Bless my pops, we sent him off and not an hour late Still in shock and now my heart out somewhere on the range Outta range, picked the lock and now we elevate We box 'em out, my shit a million miles away Niggas featherweight Like we making food, father's face but I'm not afraid My Uncle Hugh
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