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The Stranglers – Lowlands

The Stranglers
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исполнитель The Stranglers

правообладатель Национальный цифровой агрегатор Союз Мьюзик по лицензии earMUSIC

жанр Рок

длительность 03:16

размер 7.48 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Национальный цифровой агрегатор

Driving through the lowlands with the rain upon my face Sparkes has got the brandy and were picking up the pace Whole world seems in motion, body clock peculiar That's the way we do things when we move from place to place Been mobile now for hours and I can't make out my feet Tarmac black refecltive on the north side of the street Time to stoke the fires, spray flies from the tyers Starts to get hypnotic like it's knocking out a beat Louis went in for coffee, came back a guru All the muscles in flanders couldn't do for our crew Work is done and where on our way Listen close and you can here them say Halle halle alles Louis So Big Knight, don't you slow down or we'll never make it back Need to reach the shore line long before the chasing pack Up again at sunrise, spooky how the time flies Sleep's a distant cousin when you're on the beaten track
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