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Slade – Scratch my back

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исполнитель Slade

правообладатель Warner Music Group BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited

длительность 00:30

размер 2.84 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено admtzk

Scratch my back
How long can you go Oh can you go a dozen times? How long can you smile Oh can you smile a dozen smiles? 'Cos ev’ry way holds a something that’s nice Try it once and then you’ll try it twice Oh mercy, mercy Chorus Oh lawdy lawdy I’ll scratch a your back If you’ll just scratch mine: 'Cos when I’m out of sight Then I’m out of mind. Oh mercy mercy Do it over and over again Scratch your back You scratch mine Oh lawdy lawdy How long will it last It’s getting harder off the cuff How long does it take There must be someone with enough 'Cos everytime holds something that’s better, Go on get on up, and forget the letter Chorus R E P E A T How much do you need What does it take to get you off? No one’s ever made it Are you tryin' to make me laugh? 'Cos until now you been and tried all the rest, So now’s the time you gotta try out the best Chorus R E P E A T I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine How you scratch mine Oh lawdy lawdy I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine.
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