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New Model Army – Seven Times

New Model Army
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исполнитель New Model Army

правообладатель Национальный цифровой агрегатор Союз Мьюзик по лицензии earMUSIC

длительность 03:24

размер 7.80 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено newdigarg

Seven Times
There are lines of hills around us I’m back in my father’s land Billowing clouds and the lazy old wind blows Bringing the turning and all of the change Seven times sun, seven times rain It’s been too long since I walked with you Through the woods and the city streets When I feel you running through my veins I have no fear of what is to come Seven times rain, seven times sun We are what the gods have made us We can go consenting through the world We can watch our children growing away Into the people that they’ll become Seven times rain, seven times sun I have a friend on the other side We smile across the wire But we never could decide on Who was to be Abel and who was Cain Seven times sun, seven times rain And I’m OK up here flying I just don’t know where to land It took me nearly a lifetime to understand The world has no anchor and no chains Just seven times sun, seven times rain
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