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Tory Lanez – B.B.W.W x Fake Show

Tory Lanez
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исполнитель Tory Lanez

правообладатель Benny Blanco Major

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:11

размер 9.57 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

B.B.W.W x Fake Show
Part 1: B.B.W.W Yeah, bought a new white Wraith, last night, nearly crashed it Spinnin' out on a highway, 720 in a Aspin Bad bitch in the passeng', seen her whole life flashin' Ray whippin' a McLaren right behind me, nigga, spun right past him Thank God I'm alive Thank God but I probably gotta spend a bank job on a ride Back bumper, white Wraith, cost 19k, uh But that ain't nothin' in my safe, uh All you rappers ain't safe, uh, let me say it with the bass, uh All you rappers ain't safe, uh, all you singers ain't safe, uh First single had me in the crib puttin' platinum plaques into place Dropped Luv, went top Pop, Club, everything just grace Grammy-nominated on the first album, motherfuckers see the face Look at me I know these niggas is trippin', these niggas is shook of me Bust down, bust down, bust down, Raphael, what you did to me? I need the money at last, I need the money advance Tell me the money is near, I ain't comin' out the van Key close, gotta keep hoes by the G code, got three hoes in a G4 Got A, B, C, D, F, G, X, Y and Z hoes I'm still ballin' like D. Rose, I'm still poppin' on Vevos I'm still lookin' like, wait, still sippin' on tea soles My dick giant like Fifo, if you need know Money singin' in a C-Note like Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do Did it for my niggas back home In a fiend house, sellin' crack on a trap phone in a crack home Winter time gettin' cold, had to go to Bramaleas Steal a jacket up out of Jack Jones Rogers had me gettin' mad at the phone bill, switchin' to the black phone, yeah I had to switch to a Telus, ain't really shit you could tell us All of y'all niggas is jealous, ah Runnin' through the check, money upset, all of these niggas is mad at me Ten chains, buy ten rings on a nigga, lookin' like the swag daddy I can't keep a girlfriend, too busy tryna make the bag happy Cali girly throw it back at me in a back ally and a cat daddy, yeah I say bust down, bust down, I throw dick at your bitch She gon' touchdown, touchdown, bitch, I'm up now, what now? Fuck 'bout what you talkin' 'bout, that shit sound like us now My shit sound like what now? Part 2: Fake Show Prayin' that my exes don't ever get famous Or flex on me with a rapper or an entertainer Life in this business come with these different dangers You rather lie to me, tell me you still an angel How you still an angel? You be lyin', you just fuck some niggas on me and claim you see it from different angles I see the danger I find it crazy, shit, I know you as a good girl Tipper flow, tripper turned stripper Last night, call, I had sex off liquor Trash bag full of every dollar at the bar That you kneelin' down to pick up for these niggas throwin' it up You hate it when niggas gettin' dirty with they ones though They the reason why you 'bout to get them Louboutins though They the reason why you 'bout to get your rent paid Tell them hoes throwin' shade, they should wear their best shades She gon' make a thousand on a bad day 10 hour shift and she don't ever take a half-day Told me dancin' was her pathway And did it to the fullest 'cause she hate to leave it halfway Hol' up, bust it, I can't, trust it Fuckin' with you got me goin' way up out the budget Pour a shot up, this is for the last night Last night, before I lost you to the fast life Good girl gone bad, you gon' do your thing Anything to get the bag, gon' do your thing If she ever do it, she gon' do it for the bag (ooh) If she ever do it, she gon' do it for the, do it for the (Skinny girl in my donk) Good girl gone bad, you gon' do your thing (She don't dance but she dance) Puttin' on a fake show, you gon' do your thing (She lookin' for the bag) If she ever do it, she gon' do it for the bag (She don't dance but she dance) If she ever do it, she gon' do it for the—
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