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The Beach Boys – Our Prayer

The Beach Boys
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исполнитель The Beach Boys

правообладатель Universal Music Group Capitol Records (CAP)

длительность 01:08

размер 2.60 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

Our Prayer
Brian: We have to get it out Mike: Accomplished. The accomplishment of this… Al: This- this can be another… uh. This could be considered a track. Brian? Brian: Not really, though. We don’t wanna do that Al: I think it’s beautiful Brian: This is a little intro, ya know, to the album. Okay, this is «Intro to the Album: Take 1», and uh, we’re gonna definitely need a C# Al: Brian, direct, okay? Brian: Alright. Let’s try to really pull it off good now. Here we go. Three, four… Brian: Take it again. Once again. One minute, Mike. Not enough breath. Take it from the top of the second verse Al: And then what after that, Brian? What do we just do? Brian: And then it goes… Al: That’s the end, right? Great. And then the hum Brian: Okay, take it from the top of the second verse where you go down and you can… Three, four… Brian: That one note has to be a little smoother comin' up, Mike. Deeper breaths, here we go. Is this opened all the way around, Jim? That’s weird that we’re not picking up Mike in it Mike: This is now goin' all around. Shake it up, shake it up, so we’ll hear the sound! Jim Hockman: Close? Carl: Yeah, very close Brian: Denny, do ya have any hash joints left? I know you do Al: Okay, move in Brian: Okay, three, four… Brian: Hey, what’s the matter with the notes? A whole note up, Mike Al: What’s the chord? What’s the key? Brian: It’s… What’re you doin' on the bottom, Mike? Mike: Brian: Here we go. Three, four… Al: Get right in there Dennis: You want all of us, now? Al: Get a balance Brian: You guys feel any acid yet? Al: I feel brand new Mike: Let’s go Brian: Three, four…
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