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The Beach Boys – In The Back Of My Mind

The Beach Boys
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исполнитель The Beach Boys

правообладатель Universal Music Group Capitol Records (CAP)

длительность 02:13

размер 5.09 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

In The Back Of My Mind
I'm blessed with everything A world to which a man can cling So happy times when I break out in tears In the back of my mind I still have my fears I live my life with her Love her true, she knows I'm sure I make her happy just living so plain In the back of my mind I'm afraid it's going to change I tried to run far way from thoughts I should try to keep away But they just keep coming back to me I tried to rationalize But some day I might realize That things are just gonna be the way they'll be I know it's so hard to find A girl who really understands your mind What will I do if I lose her It will always be way in the back of my mind
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