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Guns N' Roses – One In A Million

Guns N' Roses
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исполнитель Guns N' Roses

правообладатель Universal Music Group Geffen

длительность 06:11

размер 14.15 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

One In A Million
Guess i needed Sometime to get away I needed some peace of mind Some peace of mind that'll stay So i thumbed it Down to sixth and l.a. Maybe your greyhound Could be my way Police and niggers That's right Get out of my way Don't need to buy none of your Goldchains today I don't need no bracelets Clamped in front of my back Just need my ticket till then Won't you cut me some slack Chorus: You're one in a million Yeah, that's what you are You're one in a million, babe You are a shooting star Maybe someday we see you Before you make us cry You know we tried to reach you But you were much to high Much to high Much to high Much to high Immigrants and faggots They make no sense to me They come to your country And think the do as they please Like start a mini iran Or spread some fucking disease They talk so many goddamn ways It's all greek to me Well some say i'm lazy And other say that's just me Some say i'm crazy I guess i'll always be But it been such a long time Since i knew right from wrong It's all the means to an end, i, I keep on movin' along Chorus Radicals and racists Don't point your finger at me I'm a small town white boy Just tryin' to make ends meet Don't need your religion Don't watch that much tv Just makin' my livin', baby, Well that's enough for me Chorus
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