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Country Joe & The Fish – Pat's Song

Country Joe & The Fish
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исполнитель Country Joe & The Fish

правообладатель Universal Music Group Vanguard Records

жанр Рок

длительность 05:25

размер 12.42 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Pat's Song
Bring flowers and ring them 'round her grass hair Bring leaves from the mountain and boxes of air Bring baskets of food and things you can share And the moon will shine in her eyes She will stand in the sea with her body like sand And the dolphins will come kiss the palms of her hands As she opens her soul to the water and land Her smiles will color the sky With bottles of light and sacks of clay With music to dance and songs to play With lemons and candles you'll see the way That the moon will shine in her eyes She will fly on the wind with her face to the sun Children will dance all around her for fun Just ask her for love and she'll give you some For her smiles will color the sky
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