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Barry White – Don't Let Go

Barry White
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исполнитель Barry White

правообладатель Universal Music Group A&M

жанр Поп

длительность 09:08

размер 20.92 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Don't Let Go
There's not another smile in the world like that The way your eyes light up when you smile... Baby, I'm really in the mood for love You have a way of, huh... just looking at me, and Baby, I start to feel this urge to surge, of... of love inside of me I wanna make love to you Baby, I wanna make love with you Ohh... come here, mmhm, give me your hand, touch me right here Don't let go... Baby, tonight we're gonna get Closer, much closer... Let me show you the feeling, girl Over and over... tonight I'm really feeling, not like ever before Oh, don't let go Just come and hold me forever I love you so Please don't stop, girl Never, no ever Tonight I'm feeling, unlike ever before Oh, don't let go You make love so tender, I surrender Baby, let's come together Forever and ever Tonight, we're going to feel it Unlike ever before I will give my heart I will share my soul, yes I will babe If your love is real Only if it's what you feel If it's what you feel Oh baby, oh baby Ah, ah, ah I will give my heart I will share my soul I wanna be with you babe, oh lord If your love is real Only if it's wha-ya-ya-at you feel If it's what you feel Oh darling Don't you ever stop! No, baby What you do, do, do to me No, don't you ever stop! Don't you do it Don't you ever stop! (ever stop) (Don't you ever stop!) Never, ever, ever! Never (Don't you ever stop!) Never, ever Stop, stop, stop
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