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Louis Prima – Luigi

Louis Prima
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исполнитель Louis Prima

правообладатель Universal Music Group Capitol Records

длительность 02:45

размер 6.32 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

There's a fella named Luigi He comes from Italy I wanna be like Luigi 'cause he's always got money With a book in his pocket, a pencil in his hand Luigi's got-a the bees-a-knees that I no understand He stand-a on the corner, I think-a he waste his time People come up to him and say "Number five-a for-a dime" Hey Luigi, Whadda you do? Hey Luigi teach-a me too When you come here, you no can count Now you make-a the money by the big amount With Luigi things are cookin' he dress-a like a dude He's-a no what you call good lookin' but he sure is a lookin' dude "Hello Hello Luigi" The pretty girls all say he's no Giovan Amici, but still he's a do okay On every one of the fingers, he flash-a the big-a jewel Now he can buy the caviar, he's through with pasta fazool Hey Luigi whadda you do? Hey Luigi teach-a me too When you come here, you big-a bum, now you make-a the money by the big-a sum Now a funny thing-a happen, it happened yesterday The police-a-man he come and take Luigi far away Goodbye, goodbye Luigi, I no like to see you go I know just how you feeling, but I make-a the dough Don't you worry Luigi, I call-a you on the phone, I'll take over the numbers while you crack-a the big stone Hey Luigi! I'm-a no fool Hey Luigi! Ah you wretched troll I take-a the numbers, but notlike you think I'm-a the policeman who put you in the clink My dear paisano's, I'm telling you, don't be like Luigi or the police-a-man will get you too
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