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Minnie Riperton – Young Willing And Able

Minnie Riperton
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исполнитель Minnie Riperton

правообладатель Universal Music Group Parlophone Catalogue

длительность 03:46

размер 8.65 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

Young Willing And Able
(M. Riperton R. Rudolph M. Henderson) I'm young willing and able ... to make you come apart at the seams I'm young willing and able ... think of me as peaches and cream Just step up to my table ... I'm servin' up a hunk-a-your dreams 'Cause I'm young willing and able ... baby you know what I mean Just say you want me to, and I'll supply for you 'Bout all the love your little heart desires And if you need a friend, well you can count me in What's more I'm able to light your fire I'm young willing and able ... too hot to trot I'm young willing and able ... What you want is what I got Just hook up to my cable ... if what it is, is what you thought 'Cause I'm young willing and able ... and baby I'm gettin' hot
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