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Bobbie Gentry – Lazy Willie

Bobbie Gentry
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исполнитель Bobbie Gentry

правообладатель Universal Music Group UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

длительность 02:41

размер 6.15 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

Lazy Willie
Get up, Lazy Willie, there's work to be done Out of 17 kids you're the laziest one Pigs in the kitchen and the roosters in the pig sty And weeds in the garden busy growin' up knee high Lazy Willie, look at you, ain't you a sight? Tuh-tuh-twee, tuh-twee-dee-twee, tuh-tuh-twee Lazy Willie, sleep all day and play all night Um-hmm-mm, umm Get up, Lazy Willie, up and outta that bed There's cows to be milked and the mules to be fed Thin the corn, harvest the soybeans And help me set the table for our comp'ny from New Orleans Lazy Willie, wake up you ain't heard a word I said Tuh-tuh-twee, tuh-twee-dee-twee, tuh-tuh-twee Lazy Willie, you gotta get up in time to go to bed Um-hmm, umm Don't you remember, Lazy Willie, what Momma used to say? That all summer long the grasshopper would play The ant would work hard storin' up his winter supply When the snow came ant lived, the grasshopper died Lazy Willie, well ants work hard and grasshoppers play Tuh-tuh-twee, tuh-twee-dee-twee, tuh-tuh-twee Oh, Lazy Willie, you're gonna sprout green legs and hop away Gonna ha-ha-hop away
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