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The Tubes – Out Of The Business

The Tubes
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исполнитель The Tubes

правообладатель Capitol Records

жанр Панк

длительность 03:29

размер 8.01 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Out Of The Business
Hey Buddy, how 'bout a smoke? I'm down on my luck At the end of my rope, I feel pretty rough I just got the sack, take a number please I'm never looking back I'm out on the street I started, down in the dump Thought I paid my dues But I was first when they had The bad news I always dreamed of walking out Punch that guy right in the mouth But I never had the guts Now I know I got the stuff There's no mistaking it now... I'm out of the business Out of the business --- Into rock and roll All right, 'bout time Stuffed shirts where the sun don't shine Late nights, long days I don't need the white collar race Who wants a gray flannel suit? I'll throw in a tie Or some Italian boots? It's all right in style I've had it up to here, with three button whores I don't regret that I'm Walking out the door (Chorus)
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