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Tracey Thorn – Oh, The Divorces!

Tracey Thorn
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исполнитель Tracey Thorn

правообладатель Universal Music Group Caroline International

длительность 04:15

размер 9.76 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

Oh, The Divorces!
Who's next? Who's next? Always the ones the ones That you least expect They seem so strong It turned out she wanted more all along And each time I hear who's to part I examine my heart See how it stands Wonder if it's still in safe hands Who's fled? Who's fled? Who's been caught Out in somebody's bed? I should have guessed That day that his phone Wouldn't take your text He was a charmer I wish him bad karma Oh, I know we shouldn't take sides But that one was his fault This one is her fault No one gets off without paying the ride And, oh, the divorces And, oh, oh, oh The honeymoon, the wedding ring Oh, oh, oh The afternoon handovers by the swings Oh Jens, oh Jens Your song seemed to look Through a different lens You're still so young Love ends just as easy as it's begun Now there's kids to tend The legal bills And custody And, oh, the divorces And this one is different And each one of course is And always the same Oh, the divorces Who's next? Who's next?
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