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Tracey Thorn – Easy

Tracey Thorn
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исполнитель Tracey Thorn

правообладатель Universal Music Group Caroline International

длительность 03:57

размер 9.07 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

I watch the way the light Falls accross the street I watch the way you blink Just before you speak I love the way you breathe I'll hate the day you'll leave It's easy to forget We haven't even started anyway Sometimes love is a mistake An easy one to make And if there's any doubt You're better off without I watch you as you sit Staring at your screen I think that I could fit The spaces in between It's easy when we try We need reminding why We try, when we try Do we just intend to try? When love's broken and sad Still the only thing we have And I'll be waiting here 'til someone has a better idea Something that could make it easy
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