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Mos Def – Undeniable (Album Version (Explicit))

Mos Def
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исполнитель Mos Def

правообладатель Universal Music Group Geffen

жанр Андеграунд,Классический рэп

длительность 04:16

размер 9.77 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Undeniable (Album Version (Explicit))
What it is, what you want? Live your life right Make the beat the bump It’s like one for the treble Two for the bass Three for the pretty babies up in the place The undeniable Come to the party in a B-boy stance I rock on the mic And the world wanna dance Fly like a dove That come from up above I’m rockin on the mic And you can call me Mos love Little homie you can call it what you want But you can’t call it weak And you can’t call it chump And looking like that Babe you need to call me up Seven eighteen D-a-n-t-e, one what? These jokers don’t want none And all the pretty mommies want some Tell 'em come BK do it how Biggie say Spread love R. Harrison, throw it on get 'em up Dispirit and raw till they can’t get enough Haters get it twisted Real niggaz get it done Buck down like a live round Not a dum dum, bop bop And you know, you know (make 'em say) (No matter how hard you try You can’t stop us now) Yea, the undeniable (There ain’t no future in fronting So just love me now) Yea, the undeniable So I start a flow just want y’all to know just who your listening to Black Dante So listen let me tell ya Who I am, and how I do The undeniable Respect a foundation that they can’t hold And it’s bullet, shatter, and earthquake proof See how I drop the jewel It’s the golden rule A-B-C Always be cool They need to teach it at every school It’s the A-B-Y Always be you Def, and I always been true Real, true Skill, true Ill Ghetto world I know exactly how it feels (Some go work, and some go steal) Children grow, women produce And we rock on no matter what what you do (No matter how hard you try You can’t stop us now) Yea, the undeniable (There ain’t no future in fronting So just love me now) Yea, the undeniable Yea, the undeniable, spread love y’all 6x spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way 13x spread love, every day, Brooklyn way, can’t deny, no matter how hard you try spread love you can give us a one Uh, What it is, what you want Get your mind right It’s the beat to bump It’s like one for the treble, two for the bass Make no mistake, you are rockin with Black Dante The undeniable Ha, Yea, The undeniable Fantastic Raw, dynamic, and real You got the feel Yea, the undeniable Spread love Undeniable Spread love Yea, the undeniable Brooklyn way So good to you So hood to you
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