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James Brown – Sex Machine Part II

James Brown
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исполнитель James Brown

правообладатель Universal Music Group Hip-O Select

жанр R’n’B

длительность 05:10

размер 11.82 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Sex Machine Part II
I need to go to the bridge 'cause I gotta tell her something I'm going to the bridge, fellas I'm going to the bridge I don't need no hits, just take me there Settle down, uh Baby - now, can I tell her about it, Maceo? I'ma tell her now, she ain't got, she ain't got nothin' on me Wait a minute! Mama, come here quick, and bring that lickin' stick Mama, come here quick, bring that lickin' stick, yeah Mama, come here quick, yeah, and bring that lickin' stick Mama, come here quick, huh, bring me that lickin' stick Mama, come here quick, hey hey, and bring that lickin' stick I don't want no mess, good God, I just can't stand the jive If you give me that mess, then woman, don't you know You gotta get a 9 to 5 Now, baby, come here quick, uh, bring that lickin' stick I want you to come here quick, won't you bring me that lickin' stick I may be Donald Duck, good God, but I ain't no Mickey Mouse If you don't give up the thing I want, I'm gonna put it in somebody's house Washing dishes, uh I said come here, come here quick, yeah yeah, bring that lickin' stick Baby, you know, every time you think you got me down, let me tell you something else, ha You done got sick, you done slick too quick You think you opened my nose, but if I don't give it up, give it up I'll start charging close Mama, come here quick, ha, bring that lickin' stick Maceo! Bring your lickin' stick, get down! Wait a minute! There's Pinck, there's Jimmy, and over here is Crimes And I'ma send Fred 'cause I think he wanna play No, you don't play on the this here, Fred (No, I don't play this) You play on this? You gon' play your drum? I need some horns Can we give the horns some? (Go ahead) Can we give the horns some? (Yeah) Give the horns some (Yeah) Them boys, they gotta rip Give the horns some - horns player, play your horn! Wait a minute! You cats playing so good They're playing so good I gotta get them to try it one more time I want them to go to the top, and bring me back down the line Fred Thomas, can I get you to put it one top one more time? Boy, you sure is working tonight Fred, put it on the top, from the beginning, G We're going to the top, Jimmy Sweet Charlie, Sweet Charlie, baby Sweet Charlie, baby; Sweet Charlie, baby J.G., we're going to the top, on the top of this machine, from the top It's gonna make more hits, horn hits Can I say it? (Go'n say it, say it) Smokin'! Get up (Get on up) Get up (Get on up) Get up (Get on up)
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