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Kj-52 – Superhero

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исполнитель Kj-52

правообладатель Universal Music Group BEC (BEC)

жанр Поп

длительность 04:05

размер 9.36 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Universal Music Group

Throw ya banner in the sky Give it up for my Superhero, show love for my Superhero Gone hold 'em real high You know that's my Superhero, you know that's my Superhero Just throw ya banner in the sky Give it up for my Superhero, show love for my Superhero Gone let His light shine You know that's my Superhero Now check the sky it ain't a bird, a plane It's the God, man, it ain't no Lois Lane You need to know this fam now just why He came 'Cause you can know His plan and you can know His name You see I'm not the same since I got Christ Right off the bat, man, I was in a dark night And like a CAT Scan I'm in the dark right I couldn't last, man, lost up in a dark life I picked the wrong fights and I was stupid, fam Sin was the kryptonite and I was Superman I couldn't get it right but you came through and bam See I'm renewed in life and 'cause of You I can Now for You I stand just where I used to fall Brought the hammer down on Ya hand but You ain't Thor You're the truest God and now I see it all 'Cause it's to You I call right there just through it all You found me right there just in my toughest need You are a holy and You're true that's The Justice League All I need is my faith like a mustard seed 'Cause You're the air in my lungs when it's tough to breathe It was tough to see just how they took Ya hands And drove the nails through that junk that's the Iron Man Wasn't nails it was love held You high up then Caused You to shed Ya blood that's quite a plan You're the great "I am" plus, You're the super friend You take my junk, give me life and help me break the trend You made me right, give us sight, help us comprehend You take my sin, X it out, I'm the X-Men No need to guess, man, You know just who I mean His light shines now without the lantern that's green The One who pierced His skin open like it's Wolverine The One to put Your hope in, here's who He be
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