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Tenth Avenue North – Stars In The Night

Tenth Avenue North
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исполнитель Tenth Avenue North

правообладатель Universal Music Group WOW Hits 2016

длительность 03:43

размер 8.52 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено universal

Stars In The Night
No matter where you lead We wanna follow you Well trouble is we forget who we belong to We chase the wind and tides We chase the reasons why Chase the spark inside each other’s eyes Desires are at war We want that final shore Sailing on until we find what we’ve been looking for Hallelujah We’re running to you On fire from the mercy in your eyes And through the dark Singing we are yours Your love will lead us through the fight Like stars in the night Stars in the night Stars in the night Lead us through the fight We fix our eyes on what we know is true Even in our shame grace makes a way through Be our obsession, our constellation You are light in and out of every season So we keep pressing on With our redemption song No one can undo what you’ve done All our lives For the other side Where we’ll never die And in the darkest night We will lift our eyes The love that lies ahead is more than all we leave behind
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